Integrating your service to VESSL

You can integrate various services to VESSL using AWS, Docker, and SSH Keys. The integrated AWS and Docker credentials are used to manage private docker images, whereas the SSH Keys are used for authorized keys for SSH connection.

AWS Credentials

Using Access Token

You can create access key token by following this guide from AWS. Once you have your key, click ADD INTEGRATION, select token and fill in the form.

Using IAM Role

You can create IAM role by following guide from AWS. Select role and fill in the form.

You can integrate multiple AWS credentials to your organization. You can also revoke your credentials by simply clicking the trash button on the right.

If you want to pull images from ECR , make sure to provide the ECR pull policy granted account.


You can integrate your GCP Project by binding your Google Cloud IAM Service Account. Create service account by following the guide from GCP and get your key json by another GCP guide. Fill in the form with the values.

Docker Credentials

To integrate your Docker account, click ADD INTEGRATION and fill in your Docker credentials.


To integrate your GitHub account, click ADD INTEGRATION. Grant repository access to VESSL App in the repository access section and click save in GitHub.