If you’re having trouble with your on-premise cluster, try using VESSL Flare. VESSL Flare collects all of the node’s configuration and writes them to an archive file. It does not collect any sensitive information, including passwords, API keys, or strings. Send Flare key that appears after running VESSL Flare to

VESSL Flare is completely open source, so you can verify the behavior of the code.

Installation & Usage

  1. Prerequisites:

    • Ensure your on-premise cluster meets the minimum system requirements.
    - Ubuntu 18.04 or above
    - Python 3.6 or above installed
    • Verify network connectivity to VESSL’s server endpoint.
  2. Installation Steps:

    VESSL Flare can be run directly in command line:

    $ curl -sL | sudo sh
  3. Record Flare key

    After VESSL Flare is running, you should see a message like the one below. Save the Flare key shown in the message and provide it to the support.

    Successfully uploaded Flare output!
    Please provide the following information to VESSL Support:
    - Flare key: arsvxmh4fj0w  // Record this, and send it to support!
    E-mail: VESSL Support <>