Volume Mount
Users can mount datasets, projects, and files to either an experiment or a service.

1. Volume mount to a VESSL cluster

When you create experiments or workspaces on a VESSL cluster, you can find the volume mount tree in the form of a file directory starting from the root (/). You can mount different objects to specified repository paths as following:
Special path
A default mount path for datasets.
(experiment only) A fixed immutable empty directory. Files in it can be downloaded via web after experiment finished.
A working directory. For workspaces, this is the only persistent directory.

2. Volume mount to a custom cluster

You can start experiments or services on a custom cluster by clicking ADD NFS and add datasets and files by the clicking corresponding buttons. The NFS mount options are as follows:
Server URL
NFS server endpoint
Server Path
NFS directory absolute path to mount
Mount Path
Mount destination path to experiment container
You can only mount NFS volume to custom clusters.
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