The Metrics tab provides a detailed view of the system metrics for your serverless services. You can monitor various performance metrics and visualize them using Grafana dashboards.


The CPU section displays the usage of CPU resources by the service workers. This helps in understanding the computational load and optimizing resource allocation.


The Memory section shows the memory consumption by the service workers. Monitoring memory usage is crucial for ensuring that your services run efficiently without exhausting available memory.


The Network section provides insights into the network input/output statistics. This includes data on network traffic, helping you to manage bandwidth and identify potential network issues.


The Workers section tracks the number of active workers and their status. This information is essential for understanding worker utilization and managing the scaling of your services.

Custom Metric dashboards

Our Prometheus collects your logs and metrics. You can easily integrate your metrics with Grafana, which we provide.

If you want to use custom metrics, click the “Open with Grafana” button in Metrics tab.

If you are not familiar with Grafana, please refer to the PromQL documentation and the Grafana documentation.