Serve Web Workflow

VESSL offers a web-based workflow for managing model services. This workflow is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to quickly create and manage model services.

Create a Service

To establish a new model service, navigate to the Servings tab and initiate the process by clicking the "New serving" button.
New Serving
Once the "New serving" button is selected, you will be directed to the "Create a new serving" page, dedicated to the configuration of a fresh Serving instance. Within this page, it is possible to define essential parameters for the serving:
  • Name: Assign a distinctive name to the Serving. (Please note that the assigned name cannot be altered after creation.)
  • Description: Elaborate on the nature and purpose of the Serving for further clarity.
  • Cluster: Designate the specific cluster where the inference server will be instantiated.
    New Serving Dialog
By selecting any of the Servings created within the Serving list, you can access details about the Serving on the local navigation bar.
Service Details
Each Serving instance offers following menu options:
  • Monitor: Monitoring dashboard which provides a overview of the Serving's current status and performance.
  • Logs: A log stream of the Serving's revisions and replicas.
  • Revisions: Create and manage revisions of the Serving.
  • Rollouts: Define and run no-downtime rollouts of the Serving.