Run vessl sweep --help to view the list of commands, or vessl sweep [COMMAND] --help to view individual command instructions.

Create a sweep

vessl sweep create [OPTIONS]
-T, --objective-typeminimize or maximize
-G, --objective-goal

Objective goal ex. 0.99

-M, --objective-metric

Objective metric ex. val_accuracy

--num-experimentsMaximum number of experiments
--num-parallelNumber of experiments to be run in parallel
--num-failedMaximum number of experiments to allow to fail
-a, --algorithmgrid, random, or bayesian
-p, --parameter (multiple)

Search space parameters in the form of [name] [type] [range_type] [values…]. [type] must be one of categorical, int, or double. [range_type] must be either space or list. If space, [values…] is a 3-tuple of [min] [max] [step]. If list , [values…] is a list of values to search.

ex. -p epochs int space 100 1000 50

-c, --clusterCluster name (must be specified before other options)
-x, --commandStart command to execute in experiment container
-r, --resourceResource type to run an experiment (for managed cluster only)
--processorCPU or GPU (for custom cluster only)
--cpu-limitNumber of vCPUs (for custom cluster only)
--memory-limitMemory limit in GiB (for custom cluster only)

GPU type (for custom cluster only)

ex. Tesla-K80

--gpu-limitNumber of GPU cores (for custom cluster only)
-i, --image-url

Kernel docker image URL

ex. vessl/kernels:py36.full-cpu

--early-stopping-nameEarly stopping algorithm name

Early stopping algorithm settings in the format of [key] [value]ex. —early-stopping-settings start_step 4

-h, --hyperparameter (multiple)

Hyperparameters in the form of [key]=[value]

ex. -h lr=0.01 -h epochs=100

--dataset (multiple)

Dataset mounts in the form of [mount_path] [dataset_name]

ex. —dataset /input mnist

--root-volume-sizeRoot volume size (defaults to 20Gi)
--working-dirWorking directory path (defaults to /work/[project_name])
--output-dirOutput directory path (defaults to /output
--local-projectLocal project file URL

List all sweeps

vessl sweep list

View logs of the sweep container

vessl sweep logs [OPTIONS] NAME
NAMESweep name
--tailNumber of lines to display from the end (defaults to 200)

View information on the sweep

vessl sweep read NAME
NAMEsweep name

Terminate the sweep

vessl sweep terminate NAME
NAMEsweep name

Find the best sweep experiment

vessl sweep best-experiment
NAMEsweep name