Under Datasets, you can view the file tree of your dataset. Here, you can also upload file, create folder.

Dataset Versioning (Enterprise only)

Dataset Version is a specific snapshot of a dataset captured at a particular point in time. To enable this feature, you have to check Enable Versioning when creating dataset.

Dataset Version can be created by yourself on the VERSIONS tab, or be automatically created when an experiment is created to provider reproducibility of the experiment. You can also choose the specific dataset version to use when creating an experiment.

This feature is currently unavailable for AWS S3 or GCS dataset source types.

How it works

If you enable versioning when creating a dataset, all dataset files are incrementally saved as blob. Each Version stores the mapping from blob to actual file path.

Each blob is stored incrementally by hashsum - the dataset size does not increase even if dataset version is created frequently, unless the files are changed.