End-to-end Guides


VESSL AI provides end-to-end machine learning services for dataset mount, machine learning experiment training, hyperparameter sweep, and model managing. This document will guide you to the general end-to-end workflow of how to use those features using VESSL CLI and SDK thoroughly.


In the tutorials below, an organization and a project on VESSL are required. We recommend creating an organization and a project in VESSL Web Console. For convenience, the organization name will be YOUR_ORGANIZATION_NAME and the project name will be YOUR_PROJECT_NAME. Just replace them with the organization name and project name you created, respectively.

1. Create an organization

Once you have created a VESSL account, the first thing you need to do is create an organization. Refer to the create an organization page in the VESSL Web Console to create an organization.

2. Create a project

After the organization setup is complete, you need to create a machine learning project. Similarly, refer to the create a project page in the Web Console and create a project with a cool project name.

3. Install VESSL Client

To use VESSL CLI or SDK, you need to install VESSL Client. Execute the following command in your terminal.
pip install vessl
For more information on installing the VESSL Client, see What is the VESSL CLI/SDK?.


After successfully creating the organization and project in VESSL Web Console and installing VESSL Client, let's start the machine learning journey with VESSL.