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A Project is a basic element of an Organization that stores machine learning codes. There are two types of projects in Vessl – version control project and CLI-driven project.
A version control project is the recommended type of project which enables users to manage code version by integrating GitHub to Vessl. Once you install Vessl's GitHub App to your GitHub account, you can import codes from GitHub repository. This removes the hassle of configuring Dockerfile to run your code on Kubernetes clusters.
A CLI-driven project allows you to create an experiment without relying on GitHub. It give you more flexibility but has some limits in terms of running experiments with the Vessl client. You may find CLI-driven project more suitable for running local experiments.
Note that these two types of projects are NOT interchangeable for now.
Project Type
Web Console
SavviHub Client
Version control
Not required

Managing Projects on Web Console

You can find the Project tab under Organization menu. Click the tab to view the the full list of ongoing projects.
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