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Tips & Limitations


If you install a python package with pip but you cannot find it, then add the following path as the official jupyterlab document stated.
export PATH="/home/name/.local/bin:$PATH"


If you want to use conda in your notebook, run the following code as the first executable cell.
!pip install -q git+
import condacolab
VESSL provides a python package to install conda based on condacolab. For more information, see the github repository.

Disk persistency and node affinity problem

In VESSL, /root is the only persistent directory. Other directories reset eveytime you restart a workspace. If you need libraries or packages that should be installed outside /root, fill the init script with the install commands. You can also build your own docker image on top of VESSL managed docker images.
VESSL provides disk persistency in two ways:
  • For cloud providers (managed cluster and custom cluster provided by AWS or GCP), VESSL uses storage provisioners like aws-efs-csi-driver. It automatically attaches EBS volumes to container when started, and stored persistently until the workspace is terminated.
  • For on-premise cluster, VESSL use storage provisioners like local-path-provisioner. It stores data on the host machine assigned to when the workspace is created. (So it fixes to one machine due to storage persistency).
    • VESSL does online backup/restore to resolve this issue. VESSL automatically backup and upload all contents in /root when the workspace is stopped. All contents will be downloaded and restored when the workspace is resumed.
    • If /root/ is larger than 15GB, VESSL does not online backup/restore, so it fixes to one machine.
    • (For enterprise plan) Organization admin can specify the detail rules of online backup, such as the backup location.

Backup & Restore manually

You can manually backup & restore /root/ with CLI. This feature is useful in the following situations:
  • Move the workspace to another cluster
  • Clone the workspace
You can proceed the following order:
If /root/ is larger than 15GB, VESSL CLI does not support backup/restore.


VESSL workspaces are docker containers running on Kubernetes. Docker daemon inside a docker container is not supported unless specifically privileged. VESSL does not support privileged containers for security reasons.